Speed, content, code and backlinks

07/25/2020 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

❶ Speed

It's not a surprise to anyone that the website speed is one of the deciding factors in google results. You can test the speed of your site by using online platforms that offer free testing tools.

How can I improve the speed of a website?

Most likely, your site uses the wordpress platform. Even if you use a premium theme, wordpress themes are designed to be used for almost any type of online project, from a simple personal blog or presentation site, to very complex e-commerce platforms.

For this reason, behind your site is loaded all kinds of style sheets, codes and graphics that you don't really need. Each item makes your site more heavy because it load locally or remotely lots of javascripts and files each time you open that page.

Besides that, if you add large images, all kinds of animations for a spectacular design, modules (plugins) more or less necessary and a server with limited resources - the result will be a slow website, with minimal chances of growing in google results.

The ultimate compromise: speed vs spectacular design

A spectacular design is not anymore the strength of a site, especially since the traffic comes 80% from mobile devices. People are in a hurry, if they don't get the information quickly - they will leave that site.

You cannot describe a site as "good" if you wait seconds to open a web page, with lots of images and fade effects but difficult to find information that you need.

Visitors must see a nice design and find the information they need very quickly.

Improving the speed of a website is not cheap, especially when it comes to wordpress.

It requires customizing the theme, cache modules set to advanced mode, resizing photos, a fast server and many other details that make the difference. Is not a good decision using tips found on the net without knowing exactly what you're doing. The best way is to pay a programmer but their services are not cheap.

❷ Content

It is obvious that your site must have unique content, not entire paragraphs copied from other sites.

No one said that if you don't have 100% unique content, your site won't grow. Of course you can add fragments, quotes or descriptions that can be found on other sites if the situation requires it. You cannot change the characteristics of one product you sell but you can make a unique description.

❸ Code

The html code behind the site is completely ignored because it is out of sight. We only see the final result: texts, pictures and other design elements. But search engines only see and understand the code.

Of course, search engines are smart and know how to "harvest" text from a code, but think about the size of a page with dozens, maybe hundreds of phrases, with lots of photos, lots of other graphic elements and loaded scripts.

Google will index your site anyway but will always appreciate a simple code and will probably index it better.

You may think we don't like wordpress. No way! We love wordpress and we love working on wordpress websites.

But.. even if it seems easier to work in wordpress where you can make a site in just 10 minutes - it takes a lot of work and time to optimize, make it faster and get results.

❹ Backlinks

Everyone's favorite topic: get links! Yes, but how?

Links have been and will always be a deciding factor in google results. A good link can make the difference between google first page and third page. At least that's how it is believed. Really?

We don't know exactly because Google is always changing its algorithms. What helps 2 years ago to grow a site, now it can do more damage. Or it must be done but in a completely different way.

Backlinks are divided into 3 categories: negative, weak and good or very good. A link from a trusted source has always valued more than 20 links from all kinds of free web directories or sites without influence.

Good and very good links are impossible to obtain for free. In general, they come from sites with age, traffic and high influence. But such a paid link does not mean that it will launch your site to the top because, just like you, others have bought links from that site.

If 10 websites on the same niche start buying links from the same 50+ moz authority portal, which one google should grow?

Answer: obviously the one with speed, unique content but also other valuable links.

So what's the solution?

The solution is simple: to add constantly high quality links. Do not buy 10 links today and in the next 6 months to ignore this aspect.

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